Welcome to Operation Redemption, a foundation devoted to redeeming our heritage of faith-trainers.

The goal of our non-profit foundation is to educate and equip the fathers of our communities, institutions, and government with the resources and activities to mature relationships with their children.  We strive to strengthen these bonds by building men of faith who honor commitments to our children.  Statistics indicate that active participation in our children's life promotes the chances of a happy, healthy, and educated child.


Over the last several generations, an increase in out-of-wedlock birth rates, divorce rates, and foreign war have introduced an increase in fatherless children. This growth has become exponential over time and reported in 2010 by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 24 million children; one out of three lived in biological father-absent homes. Through this duration it has transformed our cultures of men as an acceptable practice leaving our children as casualties in the wake.  It is our passion to diminish the cycle of fatherless children by making a difference in the lives of today's generation of fathers.  By rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility, leading courageously, and focusing on the greater reward one generation at a time, our children will instill these principles in their children and we will redeem our heritage of fathers for the benefit of mothers and children.

If you are interested in supporting our missions and would like to sponsor us or know more about us, the work we do, our plans for the future, and how you can assist, please contact us